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“You’re crazy to start an E-shop!“

“You’re crazy to start an E-shop!“

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“Children’s clothes are for sale everywhere! You can never match the big companies! “

... These are the words I kept hearing...
  • No, I don’t have a big company with hundreds of employees. 

  • No, I don’t have unlimited capital. 

  • No, I can’t invest tens of thousands of pounds into promotions and campaigns to make TOP STAR ORIGINAL jump to the top of Google hitlist so everybody would be able to see it every time they google kids clothing...

I look for children’s clothes all the time. I’m not a shopaholic, and when I can, I avoid big shopping centres and shopping chains, especially when you’re dragging around an almost 2-year-old toddler. The thought of trying to pick something for him and to make sure it fits him while he is trying to pull clothes off the rails and wandering between aisles is just too stressful! Just the thought of it. So even for me, it’s a much easier option to search online in the evenings. And so I browse through known and unknown e-shops and various brands, and I finally realise that something is missing. I mean, I notice every shop, I do, but it never occurred to me before that I could change or influence it in some way.
So I like this T-shirt for my little one with short sleeves with a print on it for £8.90 which I would like to order. I check they have 2-3Y available. I’m looking for detailed measurements in cm because my little one is taller for his age than typical children of two years but no luck. Should I, therefore, take 3-4Y to be sure? Where are the measurements in cm or inches? I go through all the possible links under which I could find a rundown of sizes and everywhere there’s only just a mention of age, no length. Well, never mind, I’ll risk it and take the 2-3Y and hope it will fit. Added to the basket and I click the button to check out, and then I find out that the shipping is £4.50, but at the same time I then see that shipping is free for purchases over £50. That would mean buying clothes for an extra £45.50, but I look all over the website, and I can’t find anything else I’d like to purchase. So, in the end, I won’t buy it because I don’t need a T-shirt worth £13.40 when I’m not sure if it’ll even fit! And also the idea that I may have to return it and pay more postage is just driving me mental. I go and buy it on another website only to find out that the goods will arrive in 10 days and from the first wash you can see the poor quality of it.
“Great buy I say to myself...“ 
Right now, I’m still looking for the ideal online shop where I would like to return to regularly and know that I can buy quality clothes at reasonable prices, where I will not pay extra money just for the brand. An online shop, where the cost of postage will be available for me on the main page, and I can rely on it and not find out about it when I checkout. An E-shop, where each size will state how long the sleeve is, how long the pants are or what the total length is so that I can choose an appropriate size which is most suitable for my children because my children are not “the usual fit”.
When I buy leggings for my 7-year old, I have to buy size 9-10Y cause, that’s how it is. Sizing seems to be a problem for my children! Of course, like any other mom, I want the children’s clothes to last for a while, and I’d like it to fit for at least two months. At the same time, I am looking for stylish and modern pieces, something that will make my children stand out and be COOL. 
And these are the main reasons why I played with the idea of my own “ideal e-shop”, which would be for moms like you and me. For mums who like to style their children. For mums, who don’t want to throw money out the window for poor quality material. They want the certainty that for the money they spend, they will get the promised quality.
It wasn’t until October 2019 that I finally decided to go for it. After about a month of communication, I agreed to work with several European suppliers (who make the entire collections for boys and girls). And even after the first package of children’s clothes they delivered, I knew that was exactly what I was looking for. Nice material, great cuts, details and sophistication... Such original and stylish clothes! I was so excited about it, and so was my daughter, of course! Our fashion show was the order of the day. We discussed many beautiful dresses, from which we moved onto elegant coats, beautiful leggings and long-sleeved T-shirts to stylish fallen hats with neck warmers.
The boys got my biggest attention with the rompers and the 3-piece sets! Oh and those cool sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms made of such a pleasant and high-quality material! And after opening the box with asymmetrical jackets in black and mustard in combination with hats and neckwarmers in such beautiful colours, I was 100% convinced that I would love to do this!
But let’s be honest, I didn’t know exactly what an online shop required. Honestly, I think I flew a little on a pink cloud and fell quite hard from it... It’s been a long five months since the initial idea and after the launch of the e-shop in March. But here we are, in May, and I can say that the opening was successful!
Thank you for all the kind words we receive from you via email, Facebook or Instagram. And thank you also to those who took the time to give us feedback on our Facebook Page. Also a big thank you for the photos of your children that you send us so that we can build a strong base of satisfied customers of TOP STAR ORIGINAL!! Thank you for all your support, likes, shares and comments. i appreciate it a lot!
With love, Marta - TOP STAR ORIGINAL 
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  • Hi Marta you are doing a great job!! The blog looks great and the service we have received is second to none!! Well done on your achievements so far and best of luck moving forward x

    Gemma Reddy
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