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Why Read Children Bedtime Stories?

Why Read Children Bedtime Stories?

Books are not only a gateway to another world for children. Stories have brought people together since time began. Our ancestors told stories and they got closer as a result.  In the same vein, before bedtime, when our children snuggle up to us and expecting a story, it‘s very important for our future relationship with them that we engage with this time.

We live in a generation of technology where there can be a television in every room and every member of the household can have their own electronic device, be it a phone, tablet or laptop. But hugging tablets at bedtime is not the same as hugging a parent. The half-hour we can spend with our children before bed is irreplaceable and beautiful. Together we can journey to the wonderful world of princesses, magic and good triumphing over evil. In addition, reading has many advantages for your child making it one of the most important factors of their development.

When To Start Reading To Kids?

You can start reading to your child at early toddler age. If you feel that your 18 month old won’t understand what your reading you probably have a point. Of course, your little one will not literally understand the meaning of the sentences and the meaning of the story, but they will listen to and feel your closeness and look forward to these moments together. Their imagination and fantasies will also improve enormously. Most of the articles I have read, whether written by a psychologist, paediatrician or speech therapist, are populated with the idea that children who are regularly read to by parents from an early age usually start speaking earlier and have better speech development than their peers. They have a wider vocabulary and a more refined way of expressing themselves.

In addition, with our patience and regular reading, we can also significantly help our children if they suffer from a congenital learning disorder (dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.). These children usually do not have an appetite for reading, concentrating on the letters is difficult and exhausting for them. It would be a great shame to discourage them even further by forcing them to read. It is then up to the parents to encourage the children to read and show them that it can be fun to do so, not just hard work.

You can motivate your children by letting them choose a book that they will like at first glance, or with a lot of pictures in it - this is especially true for younger children. It is also good to turn the names of the characters in the book into the name of your child, who will therefore play the main role. Instead of a prince, the princess could be saved by a dad and the magical fairy could be you! When reading, change your voice depending on whether the character is positive or negative, make funny sounds and adjust your reading so that you all enjoy it. Over time it will turn into a nice family habit.

Due to being busy at work in the day, these are the moments I look forward to the most throughout the day. It is important not to make reading together too much of a lesson with all lots of different rules. Your children should look forward to reading together, not dread it.

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Why Is Important To Read To Children?

Why Read Children Bedtime Stories?

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of reading is the development of language, vocabulary and freedom of expression. Having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the language and to have excellent expressive abilities is a useful tool not only in every profession but also in personal life. Thanks to books, your children will constantly expand their vocabulary with words that are not commonly used, but may one day be useful to them.

In films, the director illustrates their own imagination instead but when reading, children can use their own imagination. When a child watches a film based on a book, their experience will never be the same as the same story but in a book. The director, screenwriter and people that were working on the effects do the work for your child, hindering the development of their imagination. The child is just a spectator in front of the screen. When they open the book, it's all up to them. The child has to build a deep cave, a dense pine forest or a beautiful princess. Instead of being the spectator, they become the director and creator and they can use this experience in later life. In addition, reading prevents the technology addiction of television, laptops, phone mobiles...

Regular reading of fairy tales before bedtime will also make it very easy for your child to move from nursery to school as they will have a positive attitude towards reading in school. Reading will provide them with a lot of useful general knowledge and great insight. By hearing and listening to the parent that reads to them, they hear and learn the correct pronunciation of many words. By listening to the reading and speaking of the parent, the child observes and listens to the text, gradually strengthening the skill of going through the text with the parent. Even if they still cannot read, listening to what mum or dad reads helps them learn to understand words. In addition, the child acquires skills such as how to handle books, that we read from left to right, that the book is divided into pages, there are paragraphs, sentences, words, syllables and letters on the pages, and they begin to distinguish the pictures from the text.

Doing this at preschool age means that when the time comes, they will not be as horrified by school textbooks compared to a child who has never come into contact with a book. Naturally, this can lead to better school results, because they are not afraid of books, making them naturally inquisitive, desiring new information and knowledge.

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