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What's Important At Christmas

What's Important At Christmas

What's Important At Christmas?

We all have a very challenging year behind us, full of changes and twists and turns, which we didn't meet in the past. Many of us have been affected by the current situation both mentally and, unfortunately, physically and financially. And Christmas is just around the corner. Perhaps this year not all of us can spend as much on gifts as we did in previous years. But when I think about that, is it even necessary? Is it important that there will be a pile of gifts for a lot of money under the Christmas tree again?

For me, definitely not.

Children do not look at the price of the gift, they have a different measure, and it is a JOY. Why buy the most expensive gifts, the latest new things on the market, when children only play with it for a short time and the toy will early bore them or they will grow out of that soon or they will destroy it after a while? So far, it has been the same every year with us. Children played with expensive toys for a while, while additional cheaper gifts gave them the same, if not the greatest joy.

What is the priority of Christmas

What's Important At Christmas

The most important thing for me is that we will all be together and healthy at Christmas. Nothing else matters. Let's create the magical and relaxed atmosphere of Christmas this year and enjoy the simple happiness of having each other. We celebrate Christmas every year with my parents in the Czech Republic, but this year we have to adapt and accept the fact that this Christmas will be different, but we will still make it peaceful and beautiful.

Santa Claus and Christmas presents 

What's Important At Christmas

If we buy more expensive gifts for children who still believe In Santa Claus, it is not good to tell them that he brought them those expensive gifts because he likes them or because they were good because when they will talk with their friends about their Christmas gifts, other kids might get the impression that the other kids who didn't receive expensive gifts were naughty or that Santa loved them less. 

Of course, I don't want to tell you to spend on your children or anything like that. I just think that Christmas should not be just about expensive gifts, but gratitude and humility for what we have, whatever it is, because there are a lot of people who don't even have what we can consider too little for us. 

Personal Gifts And Lovely Memories

What's Important At Christmas

Personal gifts can be for our family more important than anything else. For example, a photo with your loved ones in a frame doesn't cost a lot of money and at the same time make them very happy. It´s time spent together that you will give you lovely memories forever. 

Or you can prepare home-made eggnog or gingerbread syrup and give it to your friends in beautiful bottles with a ribbon. Believe me, a lot of people will be more pleased than you think about what the other person likes and prepare a home-made gift than to simply sit down at a computer and order something with one click. Make Christmas cards with your kids, the little ones can draw a picture for instance that you give your grandma or grandpa in a frame.


I am of the opinion that a gift that is not expensive but is given from the heart is much more valuable than one that costs a lot of money, but does not tell the other about your relationship and love to him.


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