What materials are our clothes made of?

If you are a fan of TOP STAR ORIGINAL and our stylish clothes, you will certainly have noticed that most of our clothes are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. And that is why we will start with these 2 materials in a little more detail, as they deserve our greatest attention!


Did you know that the history of cotton dates back 10,000 years and the first mentions of it can be found in Egypt? Cotton is currently the most widely used material in the textile industry. Cotton was one of the first industrially grown plants. So why is that cotton so popular? It is very pleasant to touch, absorbs well, has good strength and washes well. By combining these properties, it turns out that it is an ideal material for the production of children's clothing because it is gently on the sensitive skin of our children.


Elastane (Polyurethane) is an artificial fibre that experienced a great boom in the second half of the nineteenth century. Clothing that contains elastane is flexible, holds its shape for a long time, does not loose its shape after a few weeks of wearing and also does not crease quickly. Overall, clothing is much more durable. Manufacturers also add elastane to linen to achieve certain originality. The combination of different materials and fibres gives the clothing the desired shape, and in fact each time different properties. At the same time it also gives us the ability to make a certain difference from the products of competing companies.


Knitwear is characterized by a densely combed soft surface with excellent thermal insulation properties in all weathers. It can transport sweat and prevent wind penetration. Fleece products are suitable for outdoor activities and winter clothing.


A synthetic fibre that has pushed cotton into second place in textile consumption. The look is similar to silk. Polyester garments are slightly damp and dry quickly. Polyester is often blended with natural fibres to make fabrics crease less, more durable, stronger and lighter.


Softshell is very suitable when choosing clothes for outdoor activities. Clothing made of this material is light, warm and flexible. Its advantages are water resistance, wind resistance and breathability at the same time.


This is a natural fibre obtained by demanding industrial production. Viscose fabrics have high strength, absorbency and do not crease. Viscose products are shiny and pleasant to touch.

We are sure that you and your kids will be satisfied with our clothes! We carefully select stylish and high-quality pieces for you!

What materials are our clothes made of?

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