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What Is The History Of Halloween?

What Is The History Of Halloween

What is the history of Halloween and why is the date 31.10. magical?

In the first blog I wrote for my Eshop TOP STAR ORIGINAL, I mentioned that I moved to the UK with my family from the Czech Republic, now 17 months ago. Halloween is not a traditional holiday in the Czech Republic. Some households symbolically put hollowed-out pumpkins in front of their house, but they are not ready for trick-or-treating. They, therefore, do not participate in Halloween, like here in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or other countries for whom this holiday is a typical custom.
What Is The History Of Halloween
So when my daughter came home from school and told me that she would like to celebrate Halloween this year like her classmates and asked me a lot of questions about this festival, I couldn't answer them all. So we read various articles about where Halloween came from and how it all started, and we found some interesting information that I had no idea about. In addition to carving a pumpkin, preparing a scary costume, decorating the house, soaking up the scary atmosphere every year on the same day - 31.10. I was intrigued that this night at the turn of October and November was, according to legend, magical, because the world of the dead and the living met on this day and it was called Samhain. The first mention of this festival dates back to about 1745, however, the name changed over the years until the Old English All Hallows' Eve originated Halloween. The Scottish Celts celebrated the end of the harvest and the arrival of winter with this festival. From the 16th century, it was customary to go out in costumes from building to building and to get food in exchange for a poem or carol. The scary costumes were to represent the souls of the dead.
What Is The History Of Halloween
The most famous symbol of Halloween is hollowed-out pumpkins. Candles are inserted to make it easier for carolers to find their way in the darkened streets. The scariest face on a pumpkin is to ward off evil spirits. Scots and Irish were carving turnips, and American immigrants came with pumpkins. They came to the conclusion that the result is much scarier and especially digging or hollowing out is much easier too.
What Is The History Of Halloween
Masks and costumes were used by the celebrating Celts to confuse evil spirits. At the time, people believed that ghostly disguises would confuse ghosts, and they would leave them in peace. And why are there so many witches among the costumes? According to superstition, they are accompanied by evil spirits on the road. People were afraid of them and believed that witches had the most power on the day of Halloween. In modern history, at the beginning of the twentieth century, it started to change into costumes, and by that time, it was already a festival celebrated for fun.
So, now I'm a little bit wiser, and my daughter is already looking forward to 31st October. and she is already planning how our home will look like on that day. Well, I'm curious about that! It's better than counting down to the day when Santa comes! Because the topic most often talked about until yesterday was - How many days left until Christmas day?
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