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What Are The Main Symbols Of Advent

What Are The Main Symbols Of Advent

When Does Advent Begin, What Is The History Of Advent And What Are The Main Symbols Of Advent?


When Does Advent Begin?

Advent always starts on the first Sunday after 26th November - this year, it till fall on Sunday of 29th November, 2020. This festive period ends at sunset on December 24. Each of the coming four Sundays has its own special name - the first is iron, then bronze, silver and finally gold.


What Is The History Of Advent?

The word advent comes from Latin - adventus, it means coming. The history of Advent dates back to the 5th century in Italy. While Advent was understood here as a time of preparation for the celebrations of the Nativity, in Gaul it was conceived as preparation for the second coming of Christ. In the first centuries, the West also celebrated a varying number of Advent Sundays, between four and six. The number of four Advent Sundays did not take effect until the 10th to 11th centuries. For example, the Orthodox Church observes a six-week Advent to this day. Also in Judaism, candlelight is a two-thousand-year-old tradition as part of the Hanukkah festival of lights. For Christians, Advent is the beginning of the liturgical or ecclesiastical year and is characterized by double expectations - the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ (December 24) and his resurrection (Easter). It has been maintained in Christian countries since about the 6th century.

What Are The Main Symbols Of Advent?

What Are The Main Symbols Of Advent?

Advent Candle Wreath

The most visible symbol of Advent is the Advent wreath. Without candles, it is used to decorate doors. The one with candles is used for the symbolic countdown of the four Advent weeks. The wreath represents the symbolism of Christ's cross, or God's eternity and unity, and has clear rules for what it should look like. The twigs of conifers or holly from which it is made represent life. In the past, bare straw wreaths were often used to drive away evil spirits and provide blessings for the house. Colours are also important. The colour of Advent is purple - it expresses dignity and repentance.


Candles On An Advent Wreath

Candles and ribbons on the wreath should be purple or blue, with the exception of the third in a row - it is dedicated to friendship and is pink. The candles are lit counterclockwise. Wreaths with a fifth, white candle in the middle are also common. It is lit on Christmas Day and symbolizes Christ. Candles have their own symbolism - the one that is lit first is the so-called candle of the prophets. It symbolizes HOPE over the prophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ. The second Bethlehem symbolizes PEACE and the manger of Jesus, whereas the third should be pink and is pastoral and signifies FRIENDSHIP, the fourth is angelic and signifies LOVE, and if there is a fifth on the wreath, it is white, it is lit on December 24th. after sunset and is dedicated to Christ.


Advent Calendars

Popular Advent calendars, especially for children, are closely connected with Advent. These originated, like many other Christmas traditions, in the area of ​​today's Germany. As already mentioned, the forerunners of the Advent calendars were Advent wreaths, when children were shortened their days until Christmas by lighting a candle and thus a week closer to Christmas Day. Calendars with chocolates inside began to appear in the 1950s. But if you don't want to give your children sweets, you can buy or make your own Advent calendars and fill them with dried fruit, nuts, small cheeses or small toys. (How to make an Advent calendar at home? Click here.)

We wish you a pleasant experience of the whole Advent and especially good health!


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