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Tween Girls Clothing - Three Teen Style Icons

Tween Girls Clothing - Three Teen Style Icons

Tween girls and teen girls clothing are two of the most underrepresented categories within the fashion industry and are notoriously difficult to buy for. No longer children, yet not yet adults in style or size, tweens often have a limited selection of pre-teen and teenager clothing that teens are happy to wear and parents are so glad to buy! Size and appropriateness are vital considerations for this age group. That’s why we’ve created stylish clothing for girls that girls can wear in multiple ways and at numerous ages.

Under (Good) Fashion Influence

 There are so many influences that contribute to team behaviour, fashion and outlook. From tick-tock’s to you tubers and Disney stars, the sphere of influence and digital reach that connects teen influences with their fans is so fast-paced it’s difficult for us parents to keep track. Fortunately, there are so many great influencers out there for our teens to look up to and be inspired by to create their own change.


Teenage years are all about experimenting with your style, finding what you like and dislike and how you want to express yourself. With positive role models out there on the Internet, who not only do great things, create change and work hard but also dress in fashion-forward ways that can be re-created for tweens and teenagers looking to experiment with their style and visual identity.


We know how important clothing can be for self-confidence and how challenging it can be as a parent to buy for tweens.

Three Teen Style Icons

Olivia Rodrigo, 18 – Singer & Actress

Tween Girls Clothing

Olivia is an outspoken singer and actress with a number one album. The most exciting young musician out of America since Taylor Swift. Olivia is album sour, explores teenage life, teenage angst, young love and getting your heartbroken for the first time. Her previous career appearances include the high school musical Disney reboot and its accompanying soundtrack. Olivia is a proactive campaigner surrounding gender representation in media discussing female comparison, self-esteem and personal talent. Olivia is an excellent example of doing your own thing, expressing your feelings and being exactly who you are.


Her day-to-day fashion looks are quirky, fun and playful, just like teen clothing should be. Phase pulling, denim and nail polish are Olivia’s fail safes. Longhair and layered accessories bring her simple tank tops and skinny jeans to life. Her looks also combine elements of early noughties culture and 90s throwback from the Spice Girls era, with sparkles, rhinestones, textured layers and crazy prints.

Kaia Gerber, 19 – Model

Kaia Gerber

Kaya Gerber is an American model and actress and winner of the British Fashion Council’s model of the year award. She starred in a range of designer brand campaigns since launching her modelling career, aged 13. The team is an active communicator about her mental health, campaigning for causes such as stock Asian hate and her love of reading. Kaya is unafraid to speak her mind, express herself through her fashion and communicate with her fans.


Kaya is the perfect tween style icon. A lover of laid-back denim looks, jeans and T-shirts, jeans and leather look jackets and loose fit cardigans with trainers. Kaia’s looks are ready for the weekend, cinema trips and friend hangouts. Despite being a high fashion model, Kaia keeps it simple with easy pairings, relaxed looks and layering. Her off-duty model looks are age-appropriate, oversized and silhouette and feature playful patterns and graphic T-shirts. With much of her wardrobe built upon basics and wardrobe staples of skinny jeans, vest tops and T-shirts, her look is easily recreated by tweens worldwide.

Skai Jackson, 19 – Actress

Skai Jackson

Skai is a YouTube and author and an actress known for her work on the Disney Channel. Skai appeared on strictly come dancing’s American counterpart, Dancing with the Stars, in 2020, which empowered Skai to inspire thousands of young girls to dance, go for their dreams and do something even if they’re not very good at it. Encouraging her fans to chase their goals, give things a go and not worry about being perfect.


Skai’s styling has a streetwear edge to it with oversized silhouettes or deeds, graphic T-shirts, lumberjack jackets, oversized knitwear, and fluffy textured kites. Her red carpet looks and partyware is more formfitting, feminine and colourful. And whilst her professional appearances are more fashion-forward, especially when using her stylist. Her off-duty looks of hoodie dresses, denim shorts and sweats solidify her as a teen style icon.

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