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Tips For Sorting Clothing From Children's Wardrobe

Tips For Sorting Clothing From Children's Wardrobe

How To Sort Kids Clothes From The Wardrobe

The approaching winter demands the sorting of wardrobes with clothes. My son was 2 years old in August, and when I see how fast he is growing, I am under no illusions that he would still fit into his winter clothes from last year. It's time to find out what Santa should bring this year :)

Tips For Sorting Clothing From Kid´s Cupboard

Sorting Clothes To Older Kids

If your kids are older, I recommend that you sort the clothes out the clothes together, so that they can tell you what their favourite clothes are and decide what they no longer want to wear. Sorting the cupboard with my 7-year-old daughter took all afternoon. If you have a little model at home, count on her too :) I'm glad she was there and I didn't do it without her. How many times she was surprised by what pieces she had in the wardrobe and she had not worn them at all :) First, we took all the clothes off the shelves and put them into a large pile. We wiped the dust from the shelves in the wardrobe and started sorting. The agreement was that the clothes she was too small for (sleeves too short, trousers short on the leg) would go out of the wardrobe, no compromise, as would the ones that were dirty and torn so much that they could not look tidy anymore. We started with short sleeved t-shirts. I divided the ones that already seemed to choose from 2 piles. In the first one, I put the ruined clothes that will have to go in the trash, and on the second pile, I put the preserved stain-free clothes that we can donate. My daughter tried on the T-shirts I wasn't sure about the size and told me whether she would wear them or not. If she wanted it and it still fitted her size, I folded it and put on a pile of other T-shirts that we would keep. So we have T-shirts with short sleeves folded in a neat little pile, then we returned them to the shelf in the wardrobe and we continued with long-sleeved T-shirts. There were a few tears as well because a lot of  beautiful pieces were too small for her and we didn´t put them back into the wardrobe.  

Sorting Clothing For A Younger Child´s Wardrobe

Before I started sorting my 2-year-old son's clothes, I found a "model" T-shirt and pants and compared them with the other pieces of clothes from the wardrobe. In this case, there is no threat of a fashion show. My son doesn't like changing clothes, so I can't imagine trying every piece on him. He helped me a lot when he ran into the room and started tossing  his clothes from one pile to another and throwing them all over the room, so the sorting took us almost 2 hours, but we're done. We changed shoes, jackets and all accessories for warm and winter weather and we are now ready! Until the spring we have a well-deserved break from sorting kids' clothes out of their wardrobe and I have a great feeling that I was able to remove the 1st item from the pre-Christmas To-do list :)

Where can we donate kids clothing?

Tips For Sorting Clothing From Children's Wardrobe

If you have nice pieces on a pile of sorted clothes that could serve someone else, give them to others! For example, to charity shops, children's homes, shelters or any family or close friends with younger kids where you know your beautiful outsized clothes would be appreciated.  Schools also organize collections of clothing for children or adults and even your very old torn and dirty clothes could give money to a charity under the rag bag scheme with textile recycling. After all, there is nothing nicer than making someone happy before Christmas, moreover, in today's difficult times, we should think of others as well.


And if you have found out by sorting out your wardrobe that your children are missing a few stylish pieces that Santa could bring under the tree, click here and get inspired!


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