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The Coolest Collection Of Boys Pants

The Coolest Collection Of Boys Pants

The choice of Boys pants on the market today is almost outpacing the girls. Gone are the days when us mums bought multipacks of joggers every few months because they’d get ruined anyway.


Oh yes - Boys pants are a whole fashion genre of their own and now come in amazing materials that stand the test of time, a trillion colours and are comfortable and trendy!


I think most of us will happily wave farewell to super skinny jeans and embrace a new era of comfort driven slouchy style? The single best invention in Boys pants EVER is jersey denim pull-on jeans.


The casual coolness of Levi’s with the bang-on trend of creased denim and printed patterns aren’t even the best bit; that’s the soft jersey-lined elastic waistband that means they’re uber comfy and easy to pull on and off.


Stretch chinos have been around for literally 123 years – US Forces wore them in the Philippines as part of their uniform when all they had was Chinese twill.


The trend has developed from the original khaki-coloured men’s trousers to being made for all ages in all colours and becoming one of the most popular Boys pants in the world.


If you want a smart but comfy look, many of the chinos made for younger boys now contain a percentage of elastane to make them stretchy. Little chinos look preppy and cool with a mini pair of Adidas and a polo shirt or edgy with Vans and a hoody. (They can also handle a helluva lot of washing and rough wear!)

Top 5 Boys Pants

1. Red Pants With Double Braces

These original red trousers with double braces on both sides in an exciting design are just what you are looking for! We think they are really unmissable, and you?

Red Pants With Double Braces

2. Black Pants With A Brace

The comfortable trousers in a classic black have a modern cut and a detachable tape with the inscription. They are original, and at the same time classic, so they can be combined with basically anything.

Boys Black Pants With A Brace

3. Pants In A Denim Look

These pants will surely be appreciated by lovers of comfort, they are made of sweatpants material, but in a jeans look. They have a comfortable rubber waist and a modern "GOOD VIBES" print on the front pocket.

Boys Pants In A Denim Look

4. Grey Pants With Braces

Your teen will look oh so stylish in this hip design. These boy´s trousers feature two pockets and matching black braces clipped on the waistband. They are made with the most comfortable soft cotton and come with elasticated waistband and cuffs to allow complete freedom of movement—team with everything from his favourite knitwear to a simple tee.

Boys Grey Pants With Braces

5. Khaki Pants With Eco-Leather Details

These pants form a perfect outfit with our khaki hoodie. As with the sweatshirt, the pants are with eco-leather details that extend over the knees to the side pockets. They have an interestingly designed reduced and elasticated waist for absolute comfort!

Boys Khaki Pants With Eco-Leather Details

Whilst we’re looking into the best choices of Boys pants, we have to mention Cargo or utility pants, which in many ways take all the good stuff from all the other styles and melt it into one. Cargo pants are probably the king of pants – tough wearing, comfy, always on trend, lots of fab pockets, great fun to accessorise and tend to last longer than other styles when your boy is growing.


Pants with chains, baggy pants, pants with leather bits, camouflage pants and pants with braces – they’re all in the mix now. If your boy has his own distinctive style it might make your shopping a little easier, otherwise you have a lot of choice out there! The world of Boys pants is a whole new ball game.


Cool Boys Trousers CollectionBoys Pants

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