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New Collection Of Original Kids Clothing

New Collection Of Original Kids Clothing

This New Collection Of Clothing Is Exactly Tailored For Little Rebels

Summer is slowly coming to the end and are you looking forward to the kids going back to school? So are we! .
..But we are also looking forward to a NEW COLLECTION
Let's take a look at a couple of original outfits in which your children will welcome autumn! 

Stylish Clothing For Girls 

During the Indian summer, or on colder days your little one will love our amazing black dresses with a white collar and length above the knees for casual wear or for festive occasions. Another great piece is a dress in a denim look made of fine knit with long sleeves and a print on the back. And what do you say to black leggings made of eco-leather? Highlight the style of your little one and complement it with a one-colour T-shirt with short sleeves and pleats on the shoulders in black and white or a black long-sleeved T-shirt with a beautiful printed detail of blossom on the front.

Our kids collection is built so that you can combine pieces with each other and not waste time looking for the right outfit!

Next in line are tulle skirts in red and black for little rebels. They are cute and cool at the same time! You and your little ladies will no doubt be just as excited about the perfect pants with a leather look and pleats at the waist. They are our favourite! In colder weather, each outfit will be complemented by our zipper jackets in black, mustard and light pink, which blend in with autumn colours and emphasize the girl's kindness and beauty!


Stylish Clothing For Boys

We can´t forget the boys either! For them, we have stylish pieces that will guarantee to be comfortable and they will still look great!
You will have great success with our trousers in a denim look, which are elasticated at the waist and we guarantee maximum comfort in black trousers with unblocked braces, which are made of tracksuit material and are incredibly COOL! In addition, a grey sweatshirt with a print or a stylish sweatshirt in a bomber style with a zipper in graphite with white sleeves will finish off this great outfit.




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