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Kids Clothing New Releases

Kids Clothing New Releases

New Collection Of Comfortable Kids Clothing Is Here!

NEW IN! We have easy to combine clothing for boys and girls aged 18 month - 11 years includes T-shirts for siblings and mums!

Comfortable Clothing For Boys

For boys, we have easy to combine clothing in the style of SELFIE, ARMY, FEEL THE BEAT and RACING. You will find a wide range of tracksuits and sweatshirts, so you can match the tracksuit according to your ideas. This collection is full of prints, stylish titles, edging and patches. We focused on variation, and in addition to classic colours such as black, white, red, blue, yellow, we were interested in cinnamon, cappuccino and caramel.

Do you think you have no idea what to combine with a colour such as cinnamon? Don’t worry! In the photos of all products, you will also see variations of sweatshirts, pants and T-shirts, so that you can fully imagine what your little one will look like.
Comfortable Clothing For Boys     Comfortable Clothing For Boys     Comfortable Clothing For Boys     Comfortable Clothing For Boys                 

Comfortable Clothing For Girls

For girls, we definitely need to highlight the black and cappuccino cigarette trousers with a black bow at the waist, which you can match with a long-sleeved T-shirt and ruffles on the sleeves in 3 colours. You will find a pair of suede zipped sweatshirts with a ruffle or an unusual suede dress with a ribbon in silver and burgundy.
We also have a lot of pieces in a cat style or panther pattern. These pieces can also be matched by mums with their princesses. We feel that the two-coloured leggings with detail of cat ears on the knees are an interesting piece in this collection. The cat motif also has pink T-shirts with several different prints, which can be combined with black and white striped or checkered leggings.

Clothing for Mums and siblings

In addition to T-shirts for mums, our new collection also includes T-shirts for siblings. These are available in two different types: Bro and Sis or Boss boy and Boss girl. Ideal for family photo shooting or just for sibling fun.
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