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How Was The Year 2020 For Top Star Original

How Was The Year 2020 For Top Star Original

Top Star Original´s Summary Of A Year 2020

The year 2020 was crucial for me in terms of business. I launched the TOP STAR ORIGINAL e-shop in March 2020 and finished the final graphic design in October. As I thought about setting up an E-shop, I imagined how easy it would be. I thought that it´s just about uploading products with description and photos and I can start selling happily! At the beginning, I couldn't imagine what the E-shop entailed and that I would spend 12-15 hours a day at the PC.


My job is about the preparation of posts for FB and Instagram + graphics, orders for new collections, receiving of goods, product descriptions, measurement of individual pieces of clothing, photo editing, preparation of topics for blogs + graphics for individual articles, emails + chat on Instagram and FB, order processing, shipping, preparation of documents for accountants company, scans of invoices, communication with suppliers and couriers, FB Ads with graphic and following analyze and scale of Ads and my favourite Top Star Original´s project of Little models. 

Kids Models UK

And of course, it's necessary to educate still, so I follow various webinars, or I study according to the Academy online.

Well, it's one big ONE WOMAN SHOW :)

Yes, I admit, it was floating on a pink cloud. I had no idea that I needed to optimize the text on the web for Google search engines. That I have to analyze keywords and then use them correctly in the texts. Some H tags or meta description was completely foreign to me. I thought that at the moment of launching the Eshop, customers would visit the website in large numbers, and I can put my feet up. No, it didn't happen. I'm a prime example of how a business shouldn't start at all.

I realized that I can´t set it up all randomly and hope that I will get needed organic traffic on my website. I needed someone to show me the direction and help me find a way in this unfamiliar environment of the E-commerce world. Of course, I watched x dozens of videos, read a lot of articles and tried a lot of applications and programs, but it was such a huge amount of information. I didn't know where to start, what is the priority when everything is so important?

How Was The Year 2020 For Top Star Original

I want to thank a few people with whom I have the honour to work with and consult my next steps or questions.


Here are these amazing people who help me orient myself in the background E-commerce:

Thanks to Marouane Rhafli for all the advice and feedback.

I really appreciate it! At the same time, I recommend his Plak Theme, on which my Shopify E-shop runs. Plak Theme is a fast and very pro-customer theme that provides customers with easy orientation in my Eshop and has many features that I could use before, via a lot of installed apps, which reduced the speed of my website. Now I have only a few applications and Plak Theme has all the necessary features in it. If any of you are in business and have an Eshop on Shopify or are thinking about it, I definitely recommend you have a look at the amazing Theme here. Their support is the best I've ever met.

Thanks to Dan Barrett and his SEO Academy.

Dan's approach is amazing. He has many years of experience in E-commerce. He advises me with everything I need, so if any of you need to help with SEO, in Dan's SEO Academy you will find everything you need, step by step. The academy is also suitable for complete beginners.

Thank you to Paulina Clarke.

When I moved with my family from the Czech Republic to the UK 20 months ago, I started an ESOL course in St.Albans, where I met this amazing lector teacher. When I got the crazy idea to start an Eshop (YES, I decided to sell kids clothes in the UK with my beginner´s English), I asked Paulina if she could check the text for my E-shop and make corrections in articles I started writing for my website. Paulina is positive in all circumstances, and she is incredibly patient and helpful. And she offers online English lessons for adults or helps parents how to assist their children schoolwork. If English is not your native language and you would like to improve, I highly recommend it; you will be 100% satisfied. You can find more information about Paulina´s lessons here

And thank you especially to all of you, MY DEAR CUSTOMERS!

Thank you for your wonderful reviews and feedback. Beautiful photos of your little rebels, which you send to us at info@topstaroriginal.com and I publish them on Top Star Original´s  FB and Instagram.

It is all of you who move TOP STAR ORIGINAL and myself forward constantly and we, together, build a strong base of our satisfied, little customers.


Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you in the New Year. I hope that the year 2021 will be a year of strong health, family well-being and mutual love for all of you. With love, Marta. ❤

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