How to wash by hand?


Has your washing machine broken or is it just currently not available? Are you holding clothes in your hand that has the hand wash symbol shown on the label?

Hand washing is something unimaginable for most of us, which is why we have written a few steps for you on how to proceed so that your clothes are beautifully clean and fragrant again!



Other tips:


Wash delicate silk or lace laundry very carefully but thoroughly. Then rinse each piece separately, do not twist or stretch it when squeezing. But you can hang it in your usual way. Wash wool and cashmere very gently, these a jumpers will certainly not be very dirty, but it will be easily damaged. Only dry it carefully in a towel and spread it out on a flat surface to dry it. 

Caution - do not stretch wool and cashmere clothing unnecessarily, but only stretch it to its original shape and leave to dry horizontally.

How to wash by hand?

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