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How To Wash Blueberries From The Clothes

How To Wash Blueberries From The Clothes

Blueberries Can't Be Washed!

Blueberries .. Do you and your little ones love them too? Of course, yes! Not only are they incredibly tasty, but they are also healthy, full of antioxidants and generally have a beneficial effect on our body. They can also act to prevent cancer, are good for the heart, contain vitamin C for healthy eyes, help with urinary tract inflammation, strengthen the brain and are good for a healthy diet.

How to wash blueberries from the clothes?

Such little really "colouring" blueberries are loved by little girls because they work like natural lipstick and lip gloss, and boy's rebels will also know what to do with them, apart from food! It hasn't been that long and it was definitely not just once I tried to get these blueberries out of my little one´s T-shirts and pants. (They were not the big Canadian blueberries, but the smaller ones, really colourful. I haven‘t seen them at the markets, but I usually come across them in Polish shops.) So I searched and tried to find out how to wash their colour out of clothes. And I found this advice which worked really well!

How To Clean Blueberry Stains From Clothing?

These small blueberries are a natural dye and it is very intense and speed is important - do not allow the stain to dry. Take a lemon and cut it in half, smear one half with the stain and let it work for 20 minutes. The lemon is very aggressive in the fight against stains and also an excellent helper in the household.

After twenty minutes put it into the washing machine on your normal washing programme. (You could also replace lemon with the citric acid if you haven’t got any fresh lemons). 

Done! Before I found something that worked for me, I lost 3 of my son´s T-shirts :)

If you have not been able to remove blueberries from your clothes in the past, then don´t despair.. You will certainly choose new stylish pieces for our little stars from our E-shop!


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