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How To Take Care Of Clothes

How To Take Care Of The Clothes

How To Make Clothing Last For As Long As Possible?

Do you think that after a few wears and washes, the clothes are ready to be thrown away and you need to buy new ones again? How could it happen? How to keep clothes last longer and look like new? Let's find out!

In our last article, we talked about what materials you will find most often in our e-shop and what their properties are. We focused on our favourite combination – cotton with elastane. The reason is that this combination is best suited for everyday wear. It has the longest lifespan and ensures comfort and convenience for children throughout the day. But in order for our clothes to last a long time, we also need to take good care of them.


Just follow a few simple tips and your clothes will stay like new for longer. Let’s find out!

How To Take Care Of Clothes

Clothing Label

It is important to look at the label on the clothes before the first wash, from which you will learn exactly how to wash, dry and iron the piece. In the article “What do those little labels on clothes mean?” we have described what each icon on the label means. You can learn more here.

Tip for you:

For our cotton and elastane clothing, we recommend washing at a maximum of 40, ideally 30. We also recommend washing clothing inside out to ensure that the colours remain bright for a long time. This prevents printed clothing from cracking and degrading the image or text.

Clothing Classification

It is no less important to sort clothes into black, white and coloured before washing. Ideally, we also recommend you sort red laundry separately, because red is the most likely colour to turn into lighter shades. If you have pieces of clothing that are multicoloured, sort them by the dominant colour.

Tip for you:

If you are not sure if the the colour of your clothes will run its colour, soak it in lukewarm water for a while and when you take the clothes out afterwards you will see if the colour has run by looking at your water.

Filling The Washing Machine

It is very important not to overfill the washing machine. It is understandable that we want to have it washed as quickly as possible, especially when we return from our holidays , for example, but in this case, less means more. By overfilling the washing machine, you will not wash your clothes properly, and you will not remove those stains and therefore you will not be able to clean them in the future. Overfilling will also increase the chance for those unpleasant bobbles to appear, you can read more about that here.


Like the space in your washing machine, laundry needs space when drying. If you have a tumble dryer, you need to worry less. If you don‘t, it is important to wash only as much laundry as you have available space on the drying rack. Ideally leave to dry with gaps so that the individual pieces of laundry do not touch at all. If you don’t, your laundry dries more slowly and can also start to smell unpleasant and we are back at the beginning again, which we do not want! The most ideal drying of clothes for many of us is outdoors when it is warm outside and after a few hours, we can fold our clothes dry and fragrant.

Tip for you:

Be careful not to dry your laundry in direct sunlight, as this may fade the bright colours on your clothes after a few hours and your laundry is extremely dry and therefore stiff.

If you have damaged any of your clothes, in any way, do not despair. We have prepared collections for girls and boys for you, from which you can choose stylish pieces that will excite you by saying to yourself: “It's a pity that it's not even adult sizes, I would buy it for myself right away! We find ourselves saying that too!


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