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How To Remove Bobbles From Clothing

7 Top Tips How To Remove Bobbles From Clothing

Do you recognise the feeling when bobbles start to form on your favourite clothes? The modern piece suddenly becomes a rag only fit for wiping the floor. But did you know that lumps can be prevented and thus prolong the life of your clothes? When lumps appear over time, you can get rid of them with a few simple steps. LET´S SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT!


How To Prevent Lumps On Clothing?

  • CHOICE OF CLOTHING - Choose pieces that are made of natural materials as much as possible, cotton is ideal. Most of our clothing is 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This makes it more comfortable and stretchy to wear.
  • GENTLE WASH - Sort the laundry carefully and thoroughly before putting it in the washing machine, turn it inside out and, most importantly, do not overfill the drum. Choose programs such as delicate laundry. Even high spinning speeds can not prevent the formation of lumps.


How To Deal With Bobbles On Clothing If They Appear?


This is a small machine (mostly battery operated), which easily cuts protruding bobbles from the fabric, but thanks to the grid in front of the blade, there is no danger of you making holes in your favourite piece of clothing. A bobble peeler usually costs only a few pounds. If you have more jumpers, sweatshirts or scarves at home, which have already started to show that you often wear them,  it is definitely worth it to invest in one. The peeler will quickly and safely return the beauty of your clothes.



This is a simple tip that you probably thought of immediately. Take scissors and cut large coarse lumps. However, be very careful not to cut into the fabric. Besides, this will not get rid of small lumps. The scissors can only take off large lumps from coats or jumpers.



For finer fabrics, it is a good idea to use a razor, any ordinary razor from a chemist will do. Here, however, you need to choose the right angle so that you do not cut your clothes. Before putting the jumper in the washing machine, make sure you get rid of all of the shaved off lumps so you don’t clog the drum of your washer.  You can easily use tape for this - tap the sticky part of the clothes with its sticky part until all the bobbles are caught.



If you have a pumice stone for your dead skin at home, you can also use this to remove the bobbles. Rub softly and gently use dry pumice on the fabric to gradually remove lumps. You can also rub slightly harder and get rid of really fine fibres. However, make sure that you do not push too much and abrade the smooth fibres.



If you wet the rougher side of a sponge with, for example, a water sprayer, you can gently rub the bobbled jumper or sweatshirt and gradually catch the bobbles on the sponge. You can also add it to the washing machine when washing sweaters, scarves and sweatshirts. Loose fibres latch onto it, so your clothes will always stay like new.



For delicate fabrics, thicker sellotape will do the job. Wrap it around your fingers so that the sticky surface is on top. Then gradually apply it to the clothes and tear off fine lumps from the fabric. If fine bobbles remain on the fabric, use a still damp dishwashing sponge to rub the fabric and remove the bobbles.



Old nylon tights will also serve you well. Did you just ask how? Well, stretch them on your hand and sweep the fabric from top to bottom. This procedure is more laborious, but those nylon tights can catch lumps and loosen the fibre bobbles.


Thanks to these tips, you will keep your clothes in good condition for a little longer!


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Do you have any other tips on how to get rid of lumps? Let us know about them!


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