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How To Prepare Home-made Christmas Liqueurs

How To Prepare Home-made Christmas Liqueurs

TOP 3 Christmas Liqueurs

I love Christmas and all of the Christmas holidays. Every year, I bake Christmas cookies with my daughter at home and prepare Christmas liqueurs and other goodies. We listen to our favourite Christmas songs and the atmosphere is fantastic. If you would like to bake Christmas cookies, which is very popular in the Czech Republic, you can find recipes here.

Now I have 3 simple recipes of Christmas liqueurs for you, which you can prepare easily yourself at home in a few steps. Let's take a look at them.

Christmas Eggnog

How To Prepare Home-made Christmas Liqueurs

The advantage of this liqueur is that it is simple and fast. For two half-litre bottles you will need:

700 ml of milk

1x bag of vanilla pudding powder

3x egg yolk

350g crystal sugar

1x tablespoon of vanilla sugar (or vanilla pods)


How To Cook A Christmas Eggnog?

In a deeper bowl, whisk thoroughly by hand or with an electric whisk, yolks with sugar and vanilla sugar into a thick foam and then pour rum into it. Then pour half a litre of milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil, taking care that the milk does not burn. In the remaining milk, mix vanilla pudding powder, vanilla sugar and crystal sugar and pour into boiling milk. Stir until the pudding milk thickens and then add the rum mixture. Let it boil, set aside and stir for about another minute. Allow to cool and pour into bottles. Store in a cool place. Thanks to the contained rum, the liqueur has a fairly long shelf life. If you want to prepare a children's version of egg liqueur, instead of rum you will give even more milk and you can drink together :)

Mulled Wine

How To Prepare Home-made Christmas Liqueurs

Homemade mulled wine is also not complicated to make and honestly, I do not even have the exact proportions of the ingredients required for it, but the basis is at least a litre of red wine, with two to three pieces of whole cinnamon, a few pieces of cloves, sugar to your taste, and a few lemon and orange slices, again up to you how many you use.

Pour everything into a saucepan or pot and gently heat it for a little while. I recommend adding sugar and fruit gradually according to taste. For the fruit, even include the rind and cut a few slices into circles. I put two to three orange slices and two to three lemon slices per liter. An alternative option can be to make mulled wine without sugar and let everyone sweeten it to taste.

Just be careful, mulled wine must not be boiled, otherwise alcohol will start to evaporate.

Homemade Gingerbread Syrup

How To Prepare Home-made Christmas Liqueurs

If you don't like alcohol and still like to warm up with something Christmas, I have a recipe for gingerbread syrup here, which you can add to coffee, tea or milk and enjoy the smell of Christmas!

How To Prepare A Gingerbread Syrup?

The preparation is very simple. We boil two cups of water and one cup of sugar together in a pan, ideally use high-quality cane sugar, until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Then we add gingerbread spices according to taste and aroma, which you can buy either ready-made or you can mix them at home from two tablespoons of ground ginger, two tablespoons of ground cinnamon, a spoon of ground or finely crushed cloves, a spoon of ground or finely ground new spices, half a teaspoon of nutmeg nut, half a teaspoon of anise , half a teaspoon of star anise, a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and half a teaspoon of ground vanilla powder.

We grind the spices together and mix them to make them as fine as possible. Then stir the syrup from time to time and cook for ten minutes on low heat. Set aside the syrup and allow to cool. After cooling, pour into a clean container. The gingerbread syrup will be thick. You can keep the syrup in the fridge, use it within three days.

Share your traditional recipe with us, that special recipe which you can't imagine not having at Christmas :)


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