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How To Manage The Pre-Christmas Rush

How To Manage The Pre-Christmas Rush

How To Enjoy The Peaceful Christmas Holidays?

Christmas is supposed to be a holiday of peace and quiet, but the reality is often quite different - stress, inventing gifts and buying them, cleaning, baking, shopping, decorations. Organising Christmas with children demanding our attention, and juggling our work responsibilities as well as a limited family budget is not easy.

How To Plan Preparations For Christmas?

It is important to think about priorities and about how much time, money and effort we will devote to Advent decoration, buying and making gifts, preparing cookies, cleaning or the Christmas menu. Preparation is simply part of a quiet and relaxing Christmas, and a beautiful Christmas simply won't happen by itself, so involve all members of your family into the preparations. Participating in the preparations for Christmas together has its charm. The basis of success is to talk with the whole family how every member of the family imagines magical Christmas. This discussion will save you time and unnecessary stress, and it will help you to think about what Christmas should look like and meet the expectations of all your family.

When And How To Start Your Preparation For Christmas?

How To Manage The Pre-Christmas Rush

The First Week Of Advent

  • Gift list - Write down the names of all your loved ones, jot down tips on gifts and when you will hand them over, and include when these presents should be purchased or made.
  • Pre-Christmas cleaning - If one of your highest priorities is a tidy living space, this is the right time to wash windows, kitchen counters or organise your pantry. 
  • Advent Calendar - If you plan to create it, start doing so now and fill it up. Tips for simple Advent calendars that you can make at home with your kids are here.
  • Books and fairy tales about Christmas - The beginning of Advent is an excellent opportunity to read a Christmas book with your little ones, talk about traditions or watch Christmas-themed fairy tales.

The Second Week Of Advent

  • Baking Christmas cookies, cakes or other delicious goods 
  • Check Gift wrapping material - Do you have enough wrapping paper, gift bags and bows?
  • Christmas Decorations - If you don't already have Advent decorations at home, you can start dressing your home in a Christmas atmosphere. Buy candles and make your home cosy.

The Third Week Of Advent

  • Buying the lastest gifts - It's high time to order the latest gifts online. If you are looking for quality stylish clothes for children for affordable money, buy from us at a discount. Click here.
  • Gift wrapping - To avoid packing Christmas gifts the day before, start now.
  • Christmas postcards and PF - For Christmas greetings and wishes to arrive on time, don't wait till the last moment this year!
  • Make yourself happy - as Christmas includes a certain elegance, buy something nice for yourself, in which you will feel great.
  • Baking cookies continue - Cookies may be slowly disappearing from the cookie jar or tins, so we advise not to stop baking and invite your little helpers to help.

Fourth Week Of Advent

  • Edible Gifts - There should be almost nothing left on your gift list this week. If you want to give your loved ones any edible gifts, now is the right time to begin with their preparation.
  • Homemade eggnog - Do you love homemade eggnog in the evenings and watch a movie classic or wrapping presents? So get it ready! Quick and straightforward instructions for the preparation Christmas liqueurs are here.
  • Christmas tree - Now is the right time to buy beautiful spruce, pine or another non-drop fir tree, or check if the artificial one survived the season in the cellar.
  • A shopping list of food and drink - Think about what menu at Christmas you would like to prepare and create your shopping list (or if you’re ordering online, you may have to book your slot earlier).
  • Christmas decorations - Check the decorations, untangle the tinsel, check the baubles are still ok and make sure the light bulbs are working.


Christmas is primarily about you and your family, about what you want and what you can do. The point is that, with Christmas approaching, we should feel calmer and calmer,  because our Christmas to-do list is getting shorter by the day. We wish you as little stress as possible in the pre-Christmas rush and as much family peace and quiet as possible.


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