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How to make an Autumn wreath on the door?

How To Make An Autumn Wreath On The Door

Make Your Own Autumn Wreath On The Door. Step By Step Instructions.

What you will need?


Rings for a wreath

  • Polystyrene ring, straw ring, oasis foam or braided wicker are usually used (sold in hobby markets or you can make it yourself, you can also use the base of an old wreath, which you are tired of).
  • You will need burlap, crepe paper, a bast or something similar to wrap the body.



Decoration for an autumn wreath

  • Heather, rose hips, chestnuts, dried flowers, leaves, cones, beeches, twigs
  • Dried fruits - apples, oranges, lemon, whole cinnamon, star anise or any other natural products that come to mind.



Crafting material for a wreath

  • Pins, binding wire or hot glue gun and a thin rope

How To Make A Wreath Step By Step?

To start, prepare everything from the list above and then prepare the body of the wreath. You can paint it with acrylic paint so that it does not shine through, wrap it with crepe paper or burlap, or prepare a base decorated with twigs. For the autumn wreath, for example, twigs of thuja or heather are suitable, which you cut to the required length and tie to the body with a binding wire.

How to make a wreath step by step?

When the body is ready, start decorating. You can tie the decorations to the wreath, glue them with a hot melting gun or, if you have a polystyrene body, you can pin the decorations. Proceed from larger decorations to smaller ones; you can also layer them on top of each other. Attach the individual components securely, if you are glueing the decorations, let the glue dry before proceeding, so that you do not have to take the whole wreath apart again because something is coming off at the bottom.

How to make a wreath step by step?

Traditionally, wreaths are placed on the front door, smaller and lighter wreaths can also be used to decorate the interior,  windows or as a holiday table decoration.


Autumn wreaths - INSPIRATION

Autumn wreaths - INSPIRATION

Autumn wreaths - INSPIRATION

Autumn wreaths - INSPIRATION



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