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How To Make An Advent Calendar At Home

How To Make An Advent Calendar At Home

The Top 3 Advent Calendars To Make At Home

Advent is just around the corner, and for our kids, it means mainly waiting for Santa Claus, which is such a looooong wait. Also, little kids have no idea about time, they don't know how long a month lasts, and the Advent calendar will show it to them. They open one window every day or unpack one little gift bag - and time is more tangible for them.

Make Waiting Fun By Making An Advent Calendar With Your Kids.

You can also involve your kids and do something else during these dreary days with a creative afternoon. We have a few tips for you, maybe you will like some of them, and you can create it at home as well. It doesn't matter if you are more or less proficient, skilled or have more or less talent to make it.

When I start to create something with my daughter, I imagine what the final creation will look like, but the reality is usually very different. This is the reason why at this time of year we start making simple Advent calendars at home.

You can easily decorate or customise them according to your imagination and the material you usually have at home.

No matter how the final Advent calendar turns out, the important thing is that it will be your home-made calendar, a piece of art made with love!

Here Is Our Favourite 3 Home Made Advent Calendars

#1 Advent Calendar Made From Envelopes.

Advent calendar - INSPIRATION

Materials Required:

  • 24 envelopes of various sizes and colours (you can replace them with paper bags, for example)
  • A cardboard box or stronger paper
  • Crayons or markers, wax crayons, watercolours, tempera paint (or anything else you can use to write numbers on the envelopes)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (or hot melt glue gun, strings, pushpins, wooden pins...)

How To Make The Envelope Advent Calendar?

Write the numbers from one to twenty-four on the envelopes and stick them on cardboard, which you can cut out or glue into the shape of a house, Christmas tree, comet or any other shape you want.

You can also stick envelopes directly to the wall or door using double-sided adhesive tape or you can cut 24 strings of different lengths and tie envelopes or sweets at the end.

Then all that remains is to fill the envelopes for the children according to your imagination - candies, chocolates, toys, for bigger girls, for example with small cosmetics. It depends on you, what you and your kids 😉 prefer.

#2 Advent Calendar Made From Fabric.

Advent calendar - INSPIRATION

Materials Required:

  • Any type of fabric,
  • markers, wax crayons
  • scissors
  • ribbon or string
  • melting gun or double-sided adhesive tape

How to Make An Advent Calendar From Fabric.

Cut the pieces of fabric (the size and shape are up to you, it depends on what you want to fill the little bags with), put a little surprise or sweets on the material, grab the corners and tie the ends together to create the mini bags with a ribbon or string.

You can stick the small bags on cardboard covered in wrapping paper or hang them on a stick or bar.

Finally, you can write numbers from 1 to 24 on the bags or write them on paper and stick them with a melting gun or double-sided adhesive tape. There are many ways to improve the calendar; it is up to you.

#3 Advent Calendars Made From Toilet Rolls!

Advent calendar - INSPIRATION

 Materials Required:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Cardboard or harder paper
  • Crayons or markers, wax crayons, watercolours, tempera paint (anything else you can use to write the numbers on envelopes)
  • Melting gun, glue or double-sided adhesive tape

How To Make An Advent Calendar from Toilet Rolls!

Stick the wrapping or coloured paper on rolls, or you can colour them with tempera paint.

Using a melting gun, glue or double-sided sticky tape, glue them to the cardboard and fold them into your desired shape (for example, a house).

You then fill the WC rolls with sweets and other small items and cover the open part with paper, thus closing the roll. 

Then, your little one's open up one roll each day and discover what is inside.

We believe that you will enjoy this Christmas creating either with or without your kids and we would be delighted if you send us a photo of your advent calendars to our email info@topstaroriginal.com, which would inspire other parents too.


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