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How To Get Rid Of Coughing

How To Get Rid Of Coughing

8 Easy Tips Which Will Help You Ease The Children´s Cough

You've had a few sleepless nights when your child has had a persistent cough, and you wish that you could take the cough over from your kids instead and your little one will finally be relieved? When I wanted to buy syrup for my little one at the pharmacy, they recommended not to give it to him as he was only two years of age. So I looked for "grandma's advice" on how to help and relieve my son from his nasty cough and thanks to this we managed to get rid of my son's horrible cough in a few days. I believe that these tips will help you, as well.

What Is The Difference Between A Dry And Wet Cough?

The onset of a dry cough is one of the first symptoms of a respiratory illness. It is often a manifestation of asthma, allergies and inflammation of the airways. It most often occurs in infections of the larynx, i.e. laryngitis. This causes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and perfuses the mucus membrane, which irritates and results in a dry cough. A dry (irritating) cough does not produce mucus.

As soon as a dry cough becomes a moist cough, an excess of mucus begins to form in the airways. And because this mucus is often relatively dense, it is tough for the body to get rid of it. The mucus needs to be diluted, to make coughing easier. If the cough persists for more than ten days, it may be more of a chronic disease. In this case, do not wait any longer and make an appointment with your doctor.

What Helps Relieve Coughing?

1. Head in a raised position

Head in a raised position

If your child is more than one year old, your child will feel better if you support his back, shoulders and head with one or more pillows. If his upper body is in an elevated position, he will be able to breathe better.

2. Steam from a hot shower

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children?

You can turn your bathroom into a steam bath. Turn on a hot shower, close the door and sit inside with your kids for fifteen minutes during the evening before bed and for fifteen minutes in the morning. The steam will help relax the baby's chest and airways, so the baby will cough better and will not be so clogged.

3. Humidification of air

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children?

It is important to humidify the air during the night. Dry air irritates the child’s chest and results in a cough, so breathing humidified air at night is much more pleasant. Open the window of the room wide and ventilate properly, but watch out for drafts. It also helped my little one to pour hot water into a jar and put a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil in it. Make sure you keep it out of reach from your child. It also helps to hang wet towels in your child's room.

4. Seawater 

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children?

Spray salted water into your child's nose several times a day to clean the airways. Seawater or salted water will dilute thick mucus, and the baby will cough better. Also, the swelling of the mucus membrane will reduced. Try to keep your child blowing his nose regularly so that his airways remain clean and permeable.

5. Sweetening with honey

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children?

If your child is older than one year, honey will be very good to use. Honey facilitates coughing up and also suppresses night cough. Before going to bed, give your child a tablespoon of honey, which will ensure a calmer night.

6. Drinking regime

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children

Make sure your child drinks more fluids than usual both during the day and at night. Sufficient hydration is the basis for diluting the mucus. Suitable herbs to relieve coughs are chamomile or sage. Avoid orange juice, which irritates the baby's swollen tonsils.

7. Milk

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children

I've heard several times that milk clogs, but since it's the only liquid our little ones will never reject, I've read up a lot about that, and in fact, milk doesn't increase mucus production, so I didn't see a reason to give it up. It is another source of fluid, and, besides, vitamin D is needed for the immune system.

8. Onion

How To Get Rid Of Coughing Suffered By Our Children

Onions have various benefits for the relief of colds. You can make a powerful and effective  tea from onions (I make it for myself with honey, however my little one didn't want to drink it with honey), but he does like onion syrup, which is tastier for children. The preparation is easy - Chop the onion and cover and mix it with crystal sugar. After a few hours, the onion will release a juice. Give this to your children, a spoonful several times a day.

We wish your children a speedy recovery and hope they (and you 😉 will get a good night’s sleep again soon. If you have tried and tested tips that helped your little ones, I would love for you to share these with us and write them in the comments below.


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