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How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

How To Combine Different Types Of Kids Clothing?

In previous articles, we prepared an overview of the materials from which our clothes are made and how to take care of the clothes to make them last for as long as possible.

Today we will guide you through different styles of dressing because IN is one who can combine and layer different types of materials and individual pieces to match. And we want to inspire you and show you what suitable combinations in different styles you can choose!

Styles Of Kids Dressing

Elegant Style

There are plenty of occasions to dress elegantly. It can be a theatre, a cinema, a birthday party, a wedding or other various social events. Most of the girls are looking forward to going to the party and putting on their princess dresses. It's similar to us, adults, we also like to dress appropriately, put make-up on, do our hair and go out and socialize with people. Even our little loves enjoy the attention of the surroundings and do the same things as us!

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

For the girls, we have chosen a couple of TOP dresses in which your little one will stand out. First, we have a stunning white dress with glitter on the front, in addition, there’s a beautiful simple dress with delicate ruffles around the shoulders in pink and menthol or the popular pink boho dress. We have also recently stocked a simple black dress with a white collar at the neck and ruffled at the bottom.


Casual Style

Wondering what that casual style is all about? It is very comfortable clothing that is elaborate and detailed in the smallest parts. An old sweatshirt and sweatpants can be cosy, but for the clothes to be called casual, a modern cut and design are needed - that's exactly where we can help you out!

For girls, we have original leather-look black pants with ruffles at the waist and a white T-shirt with ruffles around the shoulders. On top, you can't go without the stylish autumn jacket in pink or mustard. If you prefer to choose jeans, we have an exciting stretch slim in blue and black, and an elegant pink hooded sweatshirt with an attractive detail on the side is excellent for that.

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

Boys will appreciate the extremely comfortable trousers with black braces, which they can combine with a grey wolf-printed t-shirt and a graphite bomber sweatshirt with white sleeves. Our jeans are available in 2 colour choices and you can match them with a grey bomber.

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

Sports Style

Sports style is the most popular among children, and especially boys. Comfortable clothing is also required for well-fitting trainers. You can leave the classic sweatpants at home because we will show you a little different comfortable, stylish trousers, which are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and your little rogue will feel so comfortable in them that he will not want to take them off even after wearing them all day.

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

They are one of the most popular trousers, namely baggy trousers – available in black, you can complete them with a stylish white t-shirt with a wolf print and an original red hooded sweatshirt with a similar wolf motif. If you don't like hoodies, it doesn't matter, because we have this matching sweatshirt in an attractive petrol colour, now without a hood. If you prefer a lighter sweatshirt, we recommend this comic or grey with small prints.

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

Rock Style

This style is for parents and children who love music or maybe just like black (I love it, but I would definitely not call myself a rocker) or for those who do not want to go with the crowd, but on the contrary, stand out.

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

This girly black dress with a tulle skirt and hood got us completely excited. This stylish black autumn zip jacket will match them. You can also perfectly complement this jacket with a combination of leather leggings with a T-shirt with a rose motif or a one-colour black T-shirt with short sleeves and pleats on the shoulders.

How To Combine Individual Pieces Of Children´s Clothing

And have you seen our red and black tulle skirt? They are so great too! This perfect and ready-made outfit is an unusual purple dress, which definitely has something about it.


Emphasise your child's personality and underline their uniqueness with our distinctive pieces! We only work with quality European suppliers, and we carefully select original clothing pieces for you.

We want to be different from others. And you? Click to Buy Now.


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