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How To Clean Carpet

How To Clean Carpet

 3 Ways Of Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is pleasantly cosy in our homes and insulates the cold floor and can also be a great design accessory. Carpet cleaning, however, is a physically and time-consuming task. It hadn't been that long since I'd been in the house to clean the carpet that we have all over the top floor so I googled information on what will be the best way and what my options are.

For smaller rugs, it's easy, we can shake them outside, and if you do it regularly, there will be no layer of dust inside the carpet fibres, which prevents the carpet from losing its original colours. Of course, you can hire a specialised company, which is the simplest solution but you have to book a time slot and plan everything around that (Where will the kids go? Do I have to stay at home during that time, or pick them up from school/nursery etc...) But it is a great advantage, as you do not have to worry that the carpets will be damaged due to careless cleaning or the use of inappropriate means.

However, if you have decided to do it yourself like me (I wasn't able to find the best date and time where the cleaning company had a free space), read on: I tried 3 ways of carpet cleaning in the past - dry and wet cleaning and machine cleaning.

A Dry Variant Of Carpet Cleaning

How To Clean Carpet

It has the advantage that you do not have to worry about destroying or knocking down the carpet. Dry cleaning also does not destroy fibres and is therefore also suitable for carpets made of natural materials. Dry foam or powder is applied to the carpet during this type of cleaning. You can easily get both at the chemist or a big supermarket. It is more suitable for carpets with short pile

How to clean it?

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Pour the powder on the rug or apply foam to it. If you have a deep pile rug, brush the cleaner into the carpet. Leave on according to the instructions and then vacuum the carpet again.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

How To Clean Carpet

Wet cleaning is suitable for almost all permanent colour types of carpets that are not made of natural material and are not laid on a wooden floor. Wet cleaning of the carpet will undoubtedly remove a large amount of dirt. But it also brings with it some pitfalls, because the carpet needs to be allowed to dry properly. This can take more than 24 hours. In addition, the carpet should not be walked on at all for the first 4 hours.

How to clean it:

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Prepare a cleaning solution (you can buy the product in a chemist or supermarket and mix it with water according to the instructions). Apply the cleaner to the carpet - at best, only thick foam, which pulls out the dirt and does not soak the carpet so much. Apply the foam with a sponge and after drying, vacuum it like normal with a vacuum cleaner. If you clean large stains, work the product into the carpet with a brush and then wipe straight away with a dry cloth. Here you need to use a quality floor cloth.

Special Carpet Machine Cleaning

How To Clean Carpet

Another option is machine cleaning, which is a type of wet cleaning. But you also need a special vacuum cleaner. The machine injects the fluid under pressure into the carpet. It gets directly into the fibres, where it dissolves the dirt. The dirt is then sucked up together with the liquid into the vacuum cleaner container. The main advantage of this type of cleaning is the removal of liquid from the carpet, which significantly reduces the drying time. This prevents the formation of mould. The disadvantage is the higher price of the machine. But it can also be rented from dry cleaners or other companies. If you have a lot of carpets in your home, you will definitely not regret this investment. My parents have this type of vacuum cleaner at home, and when I lived in the Czech Republic, I borrowed it several times, and I was very satisfied with the result. 

How to clean it:

In this case - first, vacuum the carpet and then just follow the instructions for the carpet cleaning machine. Use only cleaning agents designed for this type of cleaning. Clean the carpet and then let it dry completely.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carpet Cleaning:





  • It does not destroy carpet fibres
  • It does not make the floor under the carpet wet
  • It can also be used on natural materials
  • No need to wait for it to dry
  • More laborious application
  • Dusty way
  • Does not clean thoroughly


  • It even cleans stains more thoroughly
  • An easily accessible way
  • The cheap way
  • Not suitable for natural materials
  • It makes the floor and carpet wet
  • Long drying time
  • More laborious application


  • Thorough, in-depth cleaning
  • Shorter drying time
  • It also removes stains
  • Not suitable for natural materials
  • More complex machine operation
  • Higher humidity, it is necessary to wait for it to dry.
  • More costly


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