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How To Choose A Suitable Size Of Kids Clothing?

How To Choose A Suitable Size Of Kids Clothing

How To Choose Great-fitting Clothes For Kids?

When children grow up in the blink of an eye! Do you sometimes think that it’s almost impossible how fast our children grow? And do you buy them bigger and bigger clothes every time? 

I was looking for more information about the growth of children and in the first year of life, babies will grow by about 25 cm, in the second year by 13 cm, and by 9 cm in the third year. After that, the growth rate slows down, to about 7.5 - 5 cm per year. But at the start of puberty, this changes again when the increase in height reaches up to 10 cm per year. The change does not occur until the start of puberty when the increase in height reaches up to 10 cm per year. On average, girls tend to stop growing at about the age of fifteen, boys between the ages of 17-18. So we shouldn’t be surprised that their wardrobe needs to be changed so often.
How to choose a suitable size of clothing for kids
Before buying clothes for my little ones, I first measure the length and width of my son/daughter (depending on what I want to buy them) and compare them with the measures in the size chart. If I want their clothes to last longer and they don't mind that it will be a little bigger for them now, I'll add a few extra centimetres, and if I'm buying now for the summer, I'll add a maximum of 1 cm to make it fit them perfectly. I remember when my mum bought or sewed clothes for me, and I almost always had at least 10 centimetres of lining in my clothes which allowed my clothing to last as long as possible. I really loved how she used to say: "You will grow into it!” :)
How to choose a suitable size of clothing for kids
But back to those sizes… For example, this week I ordered trainers for children. My son (almost 2 years old) has an inner sole length of 16.5 cm, but at home, he has most shoes in size EU25, according to the length I showed the size of EU27 in their Size chart, which is for a 4-year-old child. My daughter also has two sizes bigger than she normally wears, but I ordered the giant sizes for them and their shoes fit them beautifully. So even though they had elephant size shoes, I don't know how they managed to fit them :)
Both of my children are definitely taller for their age and at least half of the clothes in their cupboard do not match their age but are larger. Therefore, every time I buy them clothes, I check their current age + at least 1 size up in the chart and then I decide according to cm, which size I will order as a result. (Where they do not have rates) When clothes do not show the sizes in measurements, I cannot buy them, as it is clear to me that 90% of cases will be returned with a complaint.  The same now applies to shop for clothes in stores. Because my kids can’t try it on (which I totally understand and respect), there is no point for me to go there when I can order it online and I don't have to guess with my eyes whether it would suit them or not. I’m usually not correct anyway...
How to choose a suitable size of clothing for kids
I am also often confused about the sizes in foreign e-shops, if this sounds familiar, take a look at this table, which will help you with size conversion and you will find a better way around it.
The American, British and Australian sizes are based on the age of the child, while in Europe the size is based on the child’s height in centimetres. Some US sizes include a “T”, which stands for a toddler.

Size Chart Of Kids Clothing





Newborn 50 cm Newborn 00000
0-3 M 50-56 cm 0-3 M 0000
3-6 M 56-62 cm 3-6 M 000
6-9 M 68-74 cm 6-9 M 000
9-12 M 74-80 cm 9-12 M 00
12 M 80 cm 12 M 0
12-18 M 80-86 cm 12-18 M 1
18-24 M 86-92 cm 2T 2
2-3 Y 92-98 cm 3T 3
3-4 Y 98-104 cm 4T 4
4-5 Y 104-110 cm 5 5
5-6 Y 110-116 cm 6 6
6-7 Y 116-122 cm 7 7
7-8 Y 122-128 cm 8 8
8-9 Y 128-134 cm 9 9
9-10 Y 134-140 cm 10 10
10-11 Y 140-146 cm 11 11
11-12 Y 146-152 cm 12 12
12-13 Y 152-158 cm 13 13
13-14 Y 158-164 cm 14 14


 In order to choose a suitable and perfectly fitting size of clothing for girls or boys, we measure each product separately for you and insert detailed measurements into the table directly in the description of each product so that you have them at hand and do not have to look for a size chart. We believe that these detailed measures will simplify your decision-making and your purchase will proceed quickly and smoothly. 


If it happens that the clothes for your little ones will not fit well, write to us via the Contact Form or by email at info@topstaroriginal.com and we will arrange a size exchange or a refund. We will do our best to resolve the complaint quickly and to your maximum satisfaction!
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