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How New Year Is Celebrated

How New Year Is Celebrated

How New Year's Eve Is Celebrated In The World

We have already said that, for example, Christmas is celebrated differently in various countries around the world (you can read here), and it is no different with New Year's Eve. Leaving aside the time shifts, from our point of view, New Year's Eve is celebrated and thus the New Year on other days and times, it is still true everywhere that the New Year is counted from 1 January. But many traditions are based on the movement of the Moon. This applies, for example, to Muslim countries.

Come with us to see how and when the New Year is celebrated in other countries!

How New Year Is Celebrated Iran

In Iran, the Persians celebrate the New Year on 21st March. A few weeks before that, people sow cereals in shallow pots so that with the arrival of the New Year, a green seed grows, as a symbol of new life.

How New Year Is Celebrated China

The most visible or most audible manifestation of the celebrations are fireworks, whose explosions are supposed to ward off evil spirits. Bundles of firecrackers hang on the door frame and all around the dwelling, where they can be hung. Their rumble is really deafening on New Year's holidays. Other types of celebrations are lanterns in street processes. New Year's celebrations are governed by the lunar calendar, as in Vietnam. Specific days vary, but the range is from the last decade of January to the end of February, and is determined by the phases of the Moon.

How New Year Is Celebrated Vietnam

In some parts of Vietnam, the first visitor to enter the dwelling on New Year's morning will affect whether the year is pleasant and successful. That is why people often negotiate with friends and relatives in advance and look forward to the first visitor.

How New Year Is Celebrated Scotland

Some areas of Scotland still follow the tradition of rolling the barrel of fire. The barrel is filled with tar, set on fire and the old year disappears in the flames.

How New Year Is Celebrated Greece

In Greece, the symbol of the New Year is St. Vasilios, a saint known for his kindness and goodness. The children leave their shoes by the fireplace or in another visible place and believe that St. Vasilios will leave them gifts.

How New Year Is Celebrated USA

In some areas of the US, they are eating pork with black beans on New Year's Eve. Beans are a symbol of happiness and the pig is a symbol of prosperity in many cultures. Kale also plays an important role. Kale´s leaves symbolized paper notes, another attribute of year-round prosperity.

How New Year Is Celebrated Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, there is a traditional New Year's Eve party with friends or family, a midnight cheers and fireworks. Nothing should hang on New Year's Eve (towels, tea towels or laundry), everyone should have a coin in the pocket at midnight to keep them well for the whole next year. In the New Year, you eat a lentil for a lunch, which is also a symbol of prosperity.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve and New Year? Let us know!


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