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How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries

Christmas Around The World

We are already surrounded by the Christmas spirit in everything we do: we are looking for presents, baking cookies and together with our children, we are writing to Santa what he could bring us and leave under the tree. But do you know how Christmas is celebrated around the world? Who brings gifts or what type of Christmas food is traditionally eaten in other countries?  Let's take a look at some unusual and maybe interesting traditions.

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


I will start with my native country - the Czech Republic where Christmas is celebrated in a different way from here in England. A mythical Christmas person, Jesus (The Baby Child) brings Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve 24th December. This mythical figure arrives through the window on the 24th of December after dinner and like Santa Claus  brings the children presents that he leaves under the tree. He rings the bell to let them know that he was there and the children run to unwrap the presents. For lunch, there will be a dumpling broth with noodles, and according to proper custom, nothing else should be eaten during the day until dinner, in order to see a golden piglet, which resembles a coin for good luck under a plate at dinner. But in practice, it looks a little bit different in our household : D Just try to tell your little loves that they can't eat Christmas cookies or any other goodies during the day :) For dinner, we have traditionally breaded carp, breaded chicken breast or wine sausages with a potato salad. An interesting custom with us is that we can't get up from Christmas Eve dinner so that we can all meet at the holiday table again next year. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


In Iceland, Christmas elves bring presents to good children who have prepared a shoe behind the window. It is also important that every Icelander gets something new for themselves, otherwise, he can be eaten by a Christmas cat. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


In Bulgaria, the usual Christmas dinner is a satisfactory meal pork and legumes. Traditional families dine with a tablecloth laid out on the floor which is  covered with straw, which is a reminder of the barn where baby Jesus was born. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


According to legend, in Norway, evil witches go out on Christmas Eve and look for brooms to fly over the houses. Therefore, all brooms in the house must be carefully hidden. While Norwegians hide their brooms, they love their flags, which is why it is the main feature on Christmas garlands, but it is also displayed on flag poles in front of houses. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


For Russia, Christmas is a typical working day. Orthodox Christmas does not fall until January 6 and 7. Children in Russia will not receive gifts until January 7. They are brought to them by Grandfather Frost, who arrives on a sleigh from Chukotka. He wears a white fur coat and fur boots on his feet, he carries a magic staff, and is accompanied by his beautiful Granddaughter. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


You would look in vain for a traditional menu on the Filipino dining table during the Christmas holidays. Everyone chooses what they like and, above all, what their wallet allows. However, one common element will always be part of the Filipino Christmas tradition: a mug of sweet sticky rice, which symbolizes family cohesion. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


Hawaiians have a custom of buying an aquarium with a Clown triggerfish home. According to tradition, Christmas begins here with the arrival of the Christmas ship, which is a ship carrying a huge load of traditional Christmas dishes. Santa Claus also arrives here via the sea in his boat.

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


Christmas Eve dinner in Argentina is most often served in the garden. Traditional dishes include a roast piglet or even an exotic peacock roast. The Christmas table is often decorated with peacock feathers. 

How Is Christmas Celebrated In Other Countries?


In Spain, one of the most important rituals around Christmas is the Christmas lottery, which is the oldest and largest lottery in the world. On December 22, billions are distributed among a large number of winners.

And what are your Christmas customs and traditions? Share with us!


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