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Funky Girls Clothing collections

Funky Girls Clothing collections

Looking for funky girls clothing can be a minefield of choice depending on what you’re happy to see her wearing. Trendy doesn’t have to simply mean mini versions of what grown women or teens might wear and finding just the right funky girls clothing is about choosing styles designed specifically for girls.

 Girls Style

That dreaded moment when she tells you that the clothes you buy are too babyish comes to us all eventually. Visions of tight mini-skirts and crop tops flash before our eyes and fill us with fear, but don’t be daunted, it’s easy!


The bottom line is that really well-designed funky girls clothing can be stylised with just hints of a grown-up look without being too adult – a logo on a Hoodie or a pair of Leather look trousers can make a girl feel like she is wearing the funkiest outfit of all her friends.
Clothing For Girls

This Funky Biker Chick look that we created is so edgy that you’ll want to wear it yourself. The red tulle skirt with worded ribbons down each side gives a feminine punk feel to the outfit. Pair it with our Boss Girl T-shirt and you have a little rebel on your hands! Our Red & black checkered skirt gives the same Rock Chick vibe if your girl wants to look more edgy than cutesy.


There is no age limit for funky girls clothes when they’re high quality and well designed, and this doesn’t have to mark the moment when she stops wearing dresses! Wearing this Purple long sleeved dress with sneakers or biker boots equals funky, comfy, grown up and stylish. You still want her to be able to run about and have fun without worrying and this cotton dress will fit every moment of her free time – from a party to a park visit.


It may sometimes feel like they’re little girls for such a short time but making them feel grown up in funky girls clothes that are designed especially for happy mums as well, is the perfect way to enjoy this transition into fashion together!

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