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Childrens Dressing Up Clothes

Childrens Dressing Up Clothes

Childrens Fancy Dress

Homemade Costumes

Remember being in school plays as a child and your mum having to make your costume? Lots of stress ensued; evenings at the sewing machine, a few tears from pins sticking in you, lots of glue and glitter and maybe an old pillowcase.

But back then, everyone had crazy homemade costumes so you didn’t mind that your wings were made from a Cornflakes box or you had your mum’s tights on, because we all looked equally amazing and odd at the same time.

 Stylish Kids CLothing

Save Yourself Some Stress

Skip forward a little (or maybe a lot) and the world of childrens dressing up clothes is a far more sophisticated place that doesn’t involve sewing and barely any glue. You only have to search childrens dressing up clothes on Google and you’ll see how spoilt for choice children are now.


Does this take some of the fun out of it? Isn’t it rewarding to put in the effort for something homemade and unique? Yeh, no. Your child won’t thank you for sitting, crying at the table all night because their monkey tail just doesn’t look right or you’ve realised that Yoda ears made from lettuce leaves aren’t going to work.


Save yourself the stress and have a look at what kids today wear to fancy dress parties, world book day, school plays, Halloween and any other occasion that requires a little bit of dressing up fun.

Choose With Your Child, Not For Them

Up to the age of 13 you can mostly expect a TV character to be the inspiration for the costume – after 13 you’re looking at pop singers, Youtubers, adult celebrities and basically anything that involves an outfit you wouldn’t let them wear outside!


There are a few important things to remember when choosing the outfit with your child – “with” is key here, not “for” – honestly, dressing up is serious business for children and if you think you can choose an outfit they’ll like whilst they’re asleep or at school, you’re on your own!


Managing their expectations is the best place to start; if your son or daughter wants to dress as Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad because she is the coolest character EVER, you need to be clear that fishnet tights and leather hot pants ain’t happening.


Likewise, if your child wants to be The Mandalorian you need to clarify from the start that they can’t have an actual pickaxe or rifle. If you don’t stand your ground there could be some tantrums further down the line when you present your nifty homemade, 100% recyclable Amban Rifle.


It Costs How Much???

So once you have managed expectations and agreed on an appropriate yet totally cool costume you need to consider cost. Let’s take as an example this  Girl's Harley Quinn costume  at Amazon for £15.79, which includes a satin shirt with glitter print, denim printed shorts with black & red leggings and a detachable belt and & eye mask.

All you need to add is a pair of shoes that suit the outfit and the ability to put hair into bunchies. It’s 100% machine washable, but we all know that it’s very rare for them to wear the same fancy dress costume twice!


At the other end of the scale you can buy this Fantastic Beasts Wand Set at Harrods for £169.95 – once you have bought a costume to go with the wands you will have spent £200 easily and might not be able to eat for a few days.


To find a mid-range costume, your safest bet is often the Supermarkets that have nailed kids costumes over the last few years, with the only drawback being that they sell FAST. You have to get on the case as soon as you can to get the size and costumes your kids need. You don’t want to be the “last-minute mum” who has to cobble something together and risks their children never talking to them again. We’ve all been there.

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Safety Is Paramount

A couple of more serious points on this fun subject however are health and safety, and allergies and comfort. Claudia Winkelmann hit the headlines a couple of years ago when her 11 year old daughter’s Halloween costume caught fire from a candle whilst she was wearing it.  All childrens dressing up clothes are made from synthetic materials like Polyester and acrylic and are likely to have other combustible components like glue, glitter, feathers.


Not only are these materials all highly flammable, but they will also melt when burning and stick to skin. Ensure that wherever your children are going in their costumes, there will not be any candles, fires, bonfires or smokers.


Given the materials listed above, it’s no surprise that most of the costumes on the market will be scratchy, stiff and uncomfortable. It’s always best to put t-shirt, vest, leggings or tights underneath the costume to keep it from direct contact with your child’s skin. You may also find that the dyes and added features can cause allergic reactions on skin.


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