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Best Childrens Clothes Rail

Best Childrens Clothes Rail

The backbone of any great wardrobe must first start with a great clothes rail, often overlooked but it can make a huge difference to the appearance and organisation of a bedroom. So whether you're decorating your little ones room from scratch or need a replacement for an old clothing rail, look no further as we break down the best ones on the market today.


TOP Childrens Clothes Rail

#1 Heavy Duty Helper

Childrens Clothes Rail

This pink heavy duty clothes rail is perfect for any little one's bedroom. With a solid steel structure and detachable caster wheels, this item will not only be easy to manoeuvre but be long lasting too. The rail can be fully assembled without the requirement for any tools and with a lowered height it will be ideal for hanging up your child’s clothing without taking up too much space.


Sadly though, this clothing rail is not adjustable but a range of different sized rails are supplied.

#2 Dress Up Clothes Rail


Childrens Clothes Rail


The perfect addition to any child’s room is the Star Bright Dressing Up Rail. With a solid MDF frame and a natural birch wood pole this clothes rail is both stylish, modern and fun as well as sturdy and practical. The storage tray at the bottom is a perfect place to put your little ones shoes and it means that rummaging through drawers is a thing of the past. Sold with six wooden hangers and with an easy to assemble guide, this is a great buy for those that want a contemporary look.

However, there are no detachable castor wheels so maneuvering this clothes rail is going to be slightly more difficult. The white painted MDF may also show up dirt marks more visibly than other rails, however the durable paint finish should protect the item to a certain degree. 

The price is also another drawback of this item, priced at £115 this product is definitely one of the most expensive in this list.


#3 Mini Children’s Clothing Rail


Childrens Clothes Rail



Want a clothing rail compact and ideal for a small children’s bedroom, then this is the one for you! Made from FSC certified timber and complete with a small storage shelf perfect for shoes, this rail is not only durable but also minimalistic and smart.

It’s price point is a great feature, retailing at Argos for only £25 it is the cheapest clothes rail in this list.

On the downsides, the clothing rail is as stated much smaller than any of the other rail and can therefore hold fewer clothes. Again, there are no castor wheels which makes moving this 50kg item more difficult. The design is also very basic and there have been some complaints over the wobbling of the rail. 


Next, add some clothes!

Once you’ve selected your ideal child’s clothing rail the next part is to fill it full of clothes. And you need to look no further as you can find the perfect addition to your child’s wardrobe with our range of stylish children’s clothing right here. From elegant princess dresses to warm fuzzy joggers, there's everything your little one could dream of. Click below to find out more.


Stylish Kids Clothing

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