Oct 25, 2020


STYLISH COATS AND JACKETS FOR MUMS AND KIDS! Sizes are available for children from 9 months! We guarantee that you will be standing out with these fantastic pieces!

Oct 21, 2020


How does MADE-TO-ORDER work? You put the clothes in your basket, pay for it in any way you choose and as soon as we receive your order, we will send it to the supplier who sews the clothes that you ordered.  

Oct 14, 2020


Come with us and dress your children in colours of nature and enjoy the new pieces of "Forest Adventure" with us!

Oct 10, 2020

The period of cold and rainy weather has begun!

Autumn is perfect for slow walks in the fresh air - nature plays with colours and leaves fall from the trees, rain drums on the window, and children can fly a kite.

Oct 6, 2020

Are you looking for stylish hats?

We have elegant and at the same time designer hats for you! All hats for boys and girls are with neckwarmers in the same colour! The price is only £9.99 for the whole set!

Sep 30, 2020

What materials are our clothes made of?

Did you know that the history of cotton dates back 10,000 years and the first mentions of it can be found in Egypt?

Sep 19, 2020

The REVOLUTION is here!

Do you remember that too? Those special occasions were a horror for me. Christmas, celebrations, theatre, school photography… We always got a "top fashion piece" to be dressed appropriately.

Sep 11, 2020

How to wash by hand?

Has your washing machine broken or is it just currently not available? Are you holding clothes in your hand that has the hand wash symbol shown on the label?

Aug 30, 2020

This new collection is exactly tailored for our little rebels!

Summer is slowly coming to the end and are you looking forward to the kids going back to school? So are we! ...But we are also looking forward to a NEW COLLECTION! 

Aug 12, 2020

When children grow up in the blink of an eye!

How to choose great-fitting clothes for our kids? And how to decide which is the right size? Do you sometimes think that it’s almost impossible how fast our children grow?

Jul 27, 2020

Let your kids shine!

If you are like us in the phase that your little stars are already starting to dictate what they will wear but at the same time their clothing should feel comfortable to wear, then our new collection is right for them...

Jul 2, 2020

What do those little labels on clothes mean?

Are you a highly experienced capable house manager and at first glance you know best how to wash that gorgeous printed shirt, this sturdy waterproof coat or that comfy light sweatshirt? If so, this article is not for you :)
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